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A compact emergency treatment pack which enables an amateur to temporarily replace a lost filling and to re-fix dislodged crowns, bridges and inlays until professional assistance is available. Based on zinc oxide and eugenol cement mixtures, it helps to prevent thermal shock and restore appearance and funtion until professional help can be obtained. Invaluable for travellers, tourists, yachtsmen and in the home. No general first aid kit is complete without one.

The kit is available in four versions, two being flat packs and two in crush resistant tubes. Each of these versions is available with or without a sterile dental needle, the former being for travellers to countries where AIDS and Hepatitis B are endemic and sterile needles are in short supply. Flat pack sold in six units with counter display box as shown in the picture.

Travellers Flat Pack with Sterile dental needle Code No: 1.302
Travellers Tube Pack with Sterile dental needle Code No: 1.400
Standard flat pack Code No: 1.101
Standard tube pack Code No: 1.200


The Sonic Denture Cleaner generates a very effective wave form which gently agitates and greatly enhances the action of the cleaning tablets. Perfectly safe, the sealed motor unit, powered by three 'AA' batteries, is water resistant.

The cleaner's gentle action makes it ideal for cleaning orthodontic appliances. Daily use removed the need for overnight soaking with an average cleaning time of just five minutes, when used with the Sonic Speed Cleaning Tablets.

Sonic Denture Cleaner Code No : 7.100
Sonic Speed Cleaning Tablets (Box of 28) Code No : 7.105


The Dentanurse check-up mirror has been specially designed to assist patients with their oral hygiene. Its unique adjustable angle and mist free properties allow the patient to view their mouth in the bathroom mirror.

The mirror is individally packed in a clear plastic wallet with full instructions for use.

Economy mirror as check-up mirror but in a plastic sleeve which does not include instructions for use.

Check-up Mirror (box of 50) Code No : 7.400
Check-up Mirror (box of 250) Code No : 7.400

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