Cross Infection Barrier Products


Designed to prevent contamination of working surfaces by micro-organisms, chemicals and fluids, Traymaids have an upper absorbent layer to contain these, and a lower impermeable plastic membrane which the fluids cannot breach. With many uses in the busy surgery, Traymaids protect trays, bracket tables, cabinets, flat working surfaces and delicate instruments from damage. As one-use disposables, Traymaids may be used in the autoclave to absorb moisture at longer cycle settings (but temperatures must not exceed 120ºC). Their routine use cuts exposure to powerful disinfectant fumes and lengthy disinfection time, with a great saving of antiseptics. Traymaids are recommended in cross infection guide lines, and being easily compacted, save on the volume of waste generated in the busy surgery. Can be cut to special order size by request.

Standard Sizes

11"x7" (280x180mm) Autoclave tray (box of 500) Order Code Nº 3.100
12"x8" (305x203mm) Bracket table (box of 500) Order Code Nº 3.200
16"x16" (406x406mm) Bench top (pack of 200) Order Code Nº 3.250
5.5"x 7" (140x180mm) (box of 1000) Order Code Nº 3.150

Paper Towels

Box of 2400 Two ply white towels Order Code Nº 7.500
Dispenser Order Code Nº 7.510


Disposable pre-formed instrument trayliners. Pack of 50 Order Code Nº 7.300

Mouthwash Dispensing System

A totally hygienic sealed mouthwash and cup system for the promotion of clean practice image. Special starter kit offer of 1200 pre-dosed cups and a sturdy wall dispenser.

Dispenser Order Code Nº 2.400
Box of 600 cups (thymol) Order Code Nº 2.100
Box of 600 cups (mint) Order Code Nº 2.200
Starter kit Order Code Nº 2.300

Extraction After Care Pack

After a tooth extraction it is desirable to promote and maintain a healthy blood clot in the tooth socket. This leads to rapid healing. Help your patients recover by giving them an Extraction After Care Pack. The pack contains a sterile pad should their socket persist in bleeding. On the back of the pack is helpful common sense advice for the patient on how to care for their mouth. Great after care for your patient at a price of just 30 pence per patient.

Extraction After Care Pack (100 packs) Order Code Nº 3.500

Softies Bibs

Patients' SOFTIES bibs, with an upper absorbent layer and a lower impermeable membrane which fluids cannot breach. Super thick for increased absorption, patient comfort and protection.

Softies Pack of 100 Order Code Nº 3.400
Adjustable neck chains Order Code Nº 3.310

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