Is this the end of overnight soaking? The Sonic Denture Cleaner from DentaNurse has been designed for gentle yet highly effective cleaning. The unit produces a sonic wave that agitates the cleaning solution greatly enhancing its efficiency. This gentle action makes it ideal for cleaning orthodontic appliances as well as dentures.

The battery operated unit is sealed and water-resistant, making it perfectly safe for bathroom use. Daily use will remove the need for overnight soaking and this unit will give you an average cleaning time of only five minutes.

The unit comes complete with a transparent lid and removable tray to minimise spills. DentaNurse Speed Cleaning tablets, specifically designed to maximise the the efficiency of the unit, are also available in boxes of 28.

Sonic Denture Cleaner

Free shipping in UK


Sonic Speed Cleaning Tablets box of 28

Free shipping in UK


The DentaNurse Sonic Denture Cleaner is available for £20.42 with free postage to the UK, £3.50 to Europe and £5.50 Worldwide. Additional boxes of 28 Speed Cleaning tablets can be ordered for only £2.92 postage free to UK, £1.40 to Europe and £2.00 Worldwide. Shipping charges will be added separately as shown above.

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