DentaNurse (UK) Ltd is a British owned and run business specialising in the supply of dental products. The DentaNurse product range includes products for the professional that have been tried and tested in a busy surgery environment to offer real benefits at an excellent cost.

The flagship products for DentaNurse were all invented and developed by a dentist. The DentaNurse first aid kit for teeth is an excellent emergency dental repair kit to get you home following tooth problems. The kit is able to dress a broken tooth or teeth, temporarily replace a lost filling, a lost or broken crown, a lost or broken bridge—all fitting into a easy to carry pack.

Dentanurse products are for the safety of Dental staff and patients.

In the war against cross infection DENTANURSE TRAYMAIDS are the expendable front line! They cost pennies but their protection is priceless. Work with TRAYMAIDS at every appointment in the dental office.

Your eyes are your only window on the world so protect yourself and your patients with DENTANURSE CLINICAL EYEWARE. Stylish and quality with sizes to fit all.

The DENTANURSE FIRST AID KIT FOR TEETH never travel without one and always keep one in the house as part of the general First Aid Box.

Show your patients your care with the DENTANURSE POST EXTRACTION pack. Sterile and safe.


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